Fierce Friday x Caitlin Hope


A self proclaimed Sydney gal through and through, Caitlin is a creative with a love of the ocean and believes that all the spaces we inhabit should inspire us.

Caitlin is the face behind Caitlin Hope, and as the name suggests Caitlin's artworks and prints aim to create a sense of hope. The hope that through bold beauty, the world might become a little brighter. Caitlin has designed and created ALL of the beautiful gift cards in our fierce&found bundles. Her creative and vibrant spirit regularly inspires us and we are so excited to chat with her.

Join us as we get to know Caitlin over her morning coffee and book.


 Morning Caitlin, it's finally Friday! Thanks for letting us join you this morning. Before we get into the interview - it's early, walk us through the first three things you do to get your day started..

So I’ve just woken up… the first thing I do is my morning skincare routine, then I sit down with a tea or coffee and some breakfast to do some reading. 

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m that gal who in high school could never quite make it through the novels we were assigned to read, and nothing much has changed! However, I do collect Vogue magazines (I have issues dating all the way back to 2009) and love flicking through them and reading the articles that stand out to me. I’m more a visual person than a words person.

Amazing, love that you hold space for yourself each morning before you start the day. So, let's start from the beginning.. When did you first come up with the idea of creating your own studio and was there a specific moment where you went ‘right, let’s do this’?

It’s interesting being a creative and working for someone else, I often explain it as you making someone else’s creative dreams come true. I was working at a fashion label here in Sydney at the time and was fortunate enough to only be working 4 days. I started painting on my day off and also started dreaming. I don’t remember when my ‘right, let’s do this’ moment came because I think I’ve always wanted to do my own thing.


The last twelve months have been emotionally and physically exhaustive for a lot of people, especially small businesses. Where are you drawing inspiration and motivation from these days?

The beach! Definitely the beach. A trip there gives me an automatic sense of calm, peace and clarity. The coast, to me, is one of the most beautiful places in nature. It’s shapes, colours and textures truly inspire me.


 Absolutely agree, we are BIG beach lovers over here. Is being by the beach your version of 'me time'?

I do a few things to practice stillness and me-time. The time I spend reading in the morning helps me to focus my day and start off not feeling rushed and stressed. I’m reading a book at the moment called New Morning Mercies and it’s the kind of book I can just read one page at time. I also LOVE the time I spend doing my skincare in the morning and night. 
Selfcare, to me,  is so much more than a beauty routine. I make sure I exercise regularly, eat healthy and stick to my skincare routine every week. It’s important to me that those things are fun, relaxing and give me energy. If I can do those things than I honestly feel like I’m winning in life.



Love that, nothing like feeling a daily win! Okay, back to your work. How would you describe your style of art, and would you say your style often changes and evolves?

The amazing thing about art is that you can express your current inspirations in any way you feel. My style had definitely evolved depending on the season I’m in. Right now I’m working on a collection inspired by the coast. In a past collection (during the peek of iso) I focussed on painting artworks that would bring joy and happiness through the science of colour.  I would say I still have an underlying style, but my focus changes as my inspiration changes.


What has been a career highlight for you so far and what did you learn from that experience?

Two opportunities came about in the past few months that were definite highlights for me. I had the privilege of painting artworks for a children’s hospital, which was so special because I knew my art was going to leave a positive impact in a place that needs it. And I collaborated with One Fine Sunday Co on a turkish towel which is available online and in stores up and down the coast.

What would you like to have accomplished in the next five years?

Currently I still freelance for the same fashion label I was at a few year back for half the week. I’d love to take my business fulltime in the next 5 years and I hope that every artwork I create will bring life and joy to the home it’s in.

And finally, what advice would you give to another female out their wanting to start their own business?

Having your own business requires a lot of hard work,  so be prepared to work your butt off. And make sure you celebrate the small wins… it’ll keep help you too see you’re growth and just how far you’ve come.


Thank you so much for sharing your morning with us Caitlin and of course for being part of fierce&found!

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