About The Founder

Hi! I'm Emma. First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to visit Fierce & Found and supporting a small local female led business.

I came up with the concept of Fierce & Found when mid pandemic I found myself trying to find the perfect gift to send to my loved ones to let them know I was thinking of them. Being a strong believer in shopping local, being eco friendly and also supporting women- I tried to find gifts that really did just that. 

The beginnings of Fierce & Found were met with some self doubt, hesitation and of course the good ol' fear of failure. But let me tell you ALL of that disappeared when I started reaching out to women in business asking them if they'd like to be part of our store. Every single business I connected with was so kind and compassionate - they all genuinely wanted to be part of this journey with me and their passion for their products shone so brightly.
I couldn't be more humbled and excited to be working with such talented women.

Fierce & Found is about putting the heart back into gift giving. It's about sending someone you love a bundle you know has been packaged with thought and care. Each item in the bundles have been created by talented Australian Females - who you are also supporting by purchasing our boxes.

Thanks for choosing us, now let's get giving! x