Boujee Co X Jam Auckburally


Meet Jam, Owner/Founder of Boujee Co, Musician, Creative, Cancerian, Artist and a force to be reckoned with. 

Born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW Jam used her connections to nature and her creative roots to let her imagination run wild and create products that are beautifully unique. 

Jam has a firm belief that everyone needs a creative outlet in some way, shape or form. 

She has always been fascinated by all creative art forms, whether it be music, visual art, or movement art, and the way it enriches lives, bringing depth and meaning in ways not found elsewhere.  

After studying a Bachelor Degree in classical piano, Jam dedicated her time to working for a suicide hotline for several years, being an advocate for mental health. She was then bitten by the travel bug, flying out to explore the world, returning home following the death of her mother, a holistic health advocate, and who inspired Jam’s creativity and love for art, crystal therapy and Aromatherapy. 

Making the best of a tragic situation, Jam drew her strength from creating beautiful products, pouring her heart and soul into hand-made candles. Manifesting positive energy in all her work, she always hopes that in either a small or large way, her work impacts the lives of the people it reaches, bringing love and light to their souls. 

Jam has studied aromatherapy and crystals, researching in depth around the roots of the power and their healing energies. Her passion grew to candles, pairing the natural soy wax with organic botanicals and essential oils, bringing a new level of healing and light. 

All candles are handmade using natural, clean burning and toxin free soy wax. This is great for both yourself and the candle, as it allows the candle to last longer, the scent to smell stronger, all without harming the environment or yourself. 

Burning a Boujee Co candles will not emit any harmful chemicals, and are safe to use around babies and animals. 

All our candles are hand-poured and measured, and filled with light and love. All our products are cruelty free, not animal tested, suitable for vegan use and ethically sourced. 

Boujee Co serves as a fragranced, gorgeous reminder that we should all dedicate a little bit of time for self-love. The constant struggles of everyday life can place stress on our mind, body and soul and can often take away from our personal time. Boujee Co offers you self-love by simply lighting one of their candles. 


Contacts -

FB & IG: @boujeeco_official