Caitlin Hope X Caitlin


Caitlin Hope is, as the name suggests, a place of hope. The hope that through bold beauty, the world might become a little brighter.

The spaces we inhabit should be places which inspire. Through her artworks and prints, Caitlin wants to help make that happen. Original beauty of the highest calibre, all Caitlin’s artworks are made using professional grade materials. She believes in the power of ‘local’. That’s why she supports other small businesses in Sydney for print production, framing and more.

Caitlin left her job in 2019 to throw herself into her dream of being a full time artist. She has experienced some growing pains as she learns how to run a business, but that has never snuffed out her passion for painting. She hopes the joy that she feels when painting is the same joy her clients feel when they have their Caitlin Hope artwork hanging on their walls.

This is art for life. For the living room which needs life and the bedroom worthy of sweet dreams. For a nursery coloured by love or a study you won’t want to leave.

Hope breathed into spaces, by art.


Contacts -

FB & IG: @caitlinhopestudio