Lowanna Skin Care X Sinead




The creator of Lowanna Skin Care is Sinead, a 23 year old Narungga woman from Adelaide. She is a business & tourism university graduate, she loves to travel, and is a bit of a gym junkie.

Starting a business was something Sinead always dreamt of, but her background working in the corporate world didn’t exactly allow the time to do so. When she lost her job due to COVID, she instead used the time to create Lowanna and she couldn’t be happier she did. Lowanna launched in May, and Sinead now runs her business full time.

Sinead wanted to incorporate her Aboriginal heritage through her business, which is why her products contain native Australian ingredients, specifically those that have long been used by Indigenous Australians. These include lemon myrtle, quandong, ylang ylang, and Australian green clay – all natural ingredients that she explains in detail on her website so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. By harnessing and educating consumers on the power of these native plants, she has introduced something exciting to the skin care market while simultaneously celebrating Aboriginal culture.

So what does ‘Lowanna’ mean? In the Gumbaynggir language of New South Wales, the word has two meanings. One being girl or woman, and the other being exquisite beauty. Sinead says, “I understand this as indicating ‘girl’ and ‘exquisite beauty’ are synonymous; every girl is, in fact, exquisite beauty”. Sinead incorporates this message through her brand, and does so to ensure every girl feels this way. She strives to ensure all her customers feel exquisitely beautiful in their own skin.



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