Caim & Able x Michelle


Michelle has been a strong advocate for health and wellness since her late teens, studying Nutrition and Botanical Medicine. She was once a serious fitness fanatic, with a love of running and rock-climbing.

Prior to launching Caim & Able, she taught people from all corners of the globe, how to achieve their health goals for a longer lasting, quality of life.

In 2003, after a series of visits to an ill-trained chiropractor, she developed an extreme pain down her entire right hand side.  This pain would last for decades, surgery failed to remedy and pain killers took a heavy toll on her digestive system, leaving her with IBS. 

Eventually she took matters back into her own hands and drawing upon her studies, began an extensive research on chronic pain, its causes and how to reduce or remove it.  Michelle re-discovered her love for wellness and transformed her lifestyle. Instead of consuming handfuls of pain killers, she focused on removing all inflammatory foods and developed a specific magnesium protocol.


Contacts -

FB & IG: @caimandable