Organically You X Samantha Lando


I’m Sam, the mini human behind Organically You!
I currently work in Music events residing in sydney, my wellness journey started around seven years ago when I developed adult acne. I had no luck with westernised medicine, and that’s when I turned to healing myself naturally. I shifted my attention and approach to complementary medicine and I enrolled in a bachelor of health science in naturopathy.
I invested in the help of practitioners to provide me with proper nutrition and herbal medicine. I completely switched my beauty arsenal to organic, clean and ALL NATURAL.

During this process, I became super passionate about spreading the message on the benefits from living a more balanced lifestyle. I saw the positive effects it had on my health and from there I decided to create Organically You, My online space where I could help other people with my experiences and knowledge around low-tox alternatives, clean beauty products, plant medicine and wellness. Overtime, I fell in love with therapeutic essential oils and extracts, I started creating my own blends and formulations. I was gifting to family and friends until eventually, I decided to put my handcrafted goodies out to the world. I love the benefits of EO, they are gentle but pack a punch - Once you experience them there is no turning back!


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