Seventeen70/Botanicals X Dee Watts



Inspired by Australia's Flora + Forna, our pure, natural, indulgent skincare, crystal infused candles, and wellness range are handcrafted in small-batches using exquisite botanical's and extracts unique to Australia combined with natural minerals + actives that are proven to be effective and gentle on the skin.

We work with the freshest, most vibrant ingredients we can find. Australian bio-active botanical's and extracts, cold-pressed plant oils, and decadent essential oils. Our house-made botanical herbal oil infusions, personal care, body scrubs, and candle range are crafted with the intention of helping you to achieve radiantly beautiful skin, while nourishing your entire body and soul!

Each product is hand crafted with lots of LOVE.

Our products are proudly cruelty free.

Contacts -

FB & IG: @seventeen70botancials